Slime and Onga Sevens

I am once again so sorry for being away for so long.

But I have reasons, they are:

  • Old, broken computers
  • Slime
  • Onga sevens
  • Books
  • Statistical investigations (the ‘s’ is not really needed, but it sounds better that way)
  • Sarah’s birthday party

Firstly, our family computer is stuffed. And since I do not have a computer of my own, that is the only one I can use (at home – he he he). Our computer conveniently loads everything apart from WordPress.

Slime. Well, I’ve kinda got up a tiny (actually pretty big) business at school. It sells slimey stuff, and stress balls (balloons filled with slimey stuff). Okay, about the slimey stuff. I’m not going to tell you what it is made out of, for fear that some of my school mates (is that a word) is reading this. But I will put on some pictures:

Or maybe I won’t. The computer will not load.

Onga sevens. It is a seven a side sport event where all the CHB schools come together to Onga Onga school to play netball, rugby, hockey, or soccer. I played netball (of course). Our team won our first three games, but lost our last, so we placed either third or four overall (they only announced first and second). Oh, also, I won a cup (spot prize).

Books. I have been reading way too much, full stop, or, as the Americans say, period.

My statistical investigation. So, the statistical investigations were due sometime in the coming weeks. But then our teacher told us that they were due this coming Monday. And then she told us a day later that they were due Friday. So the rush began. I had sparsely time for anything else not previously arranged.

And………………………………….Sarah’s birthday party. Friday night, me, Emily, and lots of other girls went to Sarah’s birthday party. It was Master chef themed, and we had three tasks that we had to do/complete in teams of two. I was with a girl called Elizabeth. Long story short, we made fudge.

So, those are my excuses.

Bye, Hannah


Okay, so Emily was going on about how she was all over my blog, and my friend Maggie was getting ‘jealous’, no, she was in her words ‘completely disgusted in me’, and she wanted me to write a post on her, so here it is:

Maggie is a month older than me, but she is massive. Massive build I mean, she’s not fat or anything. She is really tall, with a muscular build. She has really thick, puffy brown hair, and brown eyes. She has olive skin year round, which is so unfair compared to my pale complexion that only differs to go bright red.

Maggie farts a lot.

I mean a lot!

I’m sorry Maggie, but the truth had to come out at some point.

She loves Harry Potter, which is really good, because that is literally what I look for in a friend.

Maggie is very loud.

She is sometimes even louder than me. And that is saying something!

You happy Maggie?

Bye, Hannah

Cross Country

AAAAAAAAAAAH! I hate cross country!

So, at school, it is compulsory to do cross country. I suck at it. Actually, I’m not at all that bad; Every year that I was old enough, I have gotten into the inter schools, and gotten at least third.

But this year, I have little miss I-am-amazing-at-running (who actually is amazing at running), little miss I-am-super-fit (who wins it every year), and little miss I-don’t-train-very-hard-but-I-am-still-amazing-at-the-sprints, in my age group. All of these girls (except for one) are thirteen, and I am twelve; uuuuuuuuh!

I have never won a cross country, but I know what it feels like to win; I was coming first in the running section of our school triathlon (until I was slaughtered in the bike and swim), and it felt amazing. This was at the start of the year, so all the really fast girls weren’t in my age group because I was still eleven.

For our training, we have to run every day at school. One of our teachers (lets call her teacher A) started off by making us walk once around our school bike track, while the other (teacher B) (yes, we have two teachers in primary school) had us running four laps of it straight off. Now, teacher A is making us run four laps of the bike track, and teacher B is making us run the stock route (about a 2 km? run). I often feel like I am about to spew.

That is another point. I feel super unfit, no matter how much I train (which is not very much out of school), even though I know that I’m not (that) unfit. All the spit comes to my mouth when I run, and I draw long heaving (don’t know if that’s the word) breathes, which evaporates the saliva.

Okay, goodbye before you get too grossed out.

Bye, Hannah

And she’s back!

The stupid computer is not loading, so I am writing this at school – which I hate.

I am back! Sorry for all the missed posts. Hopefully there will be a post up tomorrow.

I might start to be posting every to days, instead of everyday. So yeah.

Bye, Hannah

The Abyss of being BANNED!!!

Hi, let’s skip the intro.

Firstly, I am really really really sorry for not posting at 12 today. Hopefully that won’the happen again, but I cannot promise you that it won’t.

Straight up, I am banned from all technology.

You may be wondering how I am therefore writing this post, well,  I am at Granny’s house, and my ban has been lifted while I am here.

I know that this is a very short and almost pointless post, but I am going to get on with writing some more purposefull posts now (they will be scheduled). 

Bye, Hannah

Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Hello Fellow Aliens, it is Hannah with the party hats, because it is my blog’s 1 month birthday.

So bake a cake, and put streamers everywhere, for‘s 1 month birthday.

I would just like to say thank you for all my followers, and all the people (this is probably you) that like and comment on my posts.

Before we get on with it, please note that I know that I do not have very many followers, and I am not very popular (on WordPress). Thank you.

To my first follower Emily.

To my tenth follower Ellie.

To my favourite (most helpful/kind) comentor (is that spelt write?) Ilya.

So far I have:

  • 21 followers (including email followers)
  • 147 visitors
  • Visitors from 23 countries

So yeah, thanks for that everybody.

Bye, Hannah



Freya Blair

Hello Fellow Aliens, again, it is I. This is (part of a) story that I wrote:

Freya Blair woke with a start. She pulled her coarse blankets around her tighter and slowly sat up, straining her ears to hear the nightmarish noise that had woken her. Then she heard it, the gentle ‘thud, thud, thud’ of marching in the distance, followed by the distinct sound of wheels struggling to turn in the soft, marshy ground. The horses neighed loudly and their hooves squelched in the mud, the Legate shouted orders at his legion, and the legion groaned, but all Freya heard was her bare feet slapping the hard rock floor of her small bedroom. Shivering, she pulled her soft white nightgown over her underwear, and gripped the laced skirt until her knuckles were white with fear.

The rock floor was cold as ice, and Freya shivered as she sprinted through the castle to the firing point, that ran along the top of the castle walls. The steps of wood that led up the wall were not much nicer on her feet, they were almost as unforgivingly cold as the stone that tiled the earth below. Soon the thatched roofs were far below, and the occasional person moving around below were too small to make out any details of, just a head of flaming red hair over a puffy dress, or a person wearing servant’s rags.

When Freya finally climbed up to the firing point, she realised that she would have a very hard time finding her father, for the small deck was packed with Scottish warriors preparing for battle. Many held massive bows, and wore heavy chain mail over their sweaty hair. Freya stood on tiptoes to see her father, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw it.

The story is set in the dark ages, while Roman troops are attacking an Irish castle.

Bye, Hannah