To start off, thank you for taking the time out of your probably very busy life to read this.

About me: The first thing that you need to know about me is that I am an alien from the moon in a human girl’s skin. Okay, carry on: My name is Hannah Ellwood; I am 12 years old; and I live on a 320 hectare sheep and beef farm in Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, with my family. Our farm has been passed down for generations on my mother(yes, that’s what I call her)’s side of the family. It is called Glenora farm, and we love it dearly. I have 2 sisters, Briar (8 years old), and Laura (7 years old), and one brother called Isaac (10 years old). I often have other siblings though, for my family does foster caring, and children come and go regularly. Foster caring is caring for children that don’t have places to live, until a suitable long-term home is found for them. The longest we have ever had the same foster kids for, is 2 years, when we had a brother and sister. When we got them, the girl was 3 years old, and the boy was 4 years old. Anyway, that’s enough about them, for this isn’t their blog, it’s mine.

Since I’m not putting a photo on here (because my skin turns out really bad in photos), I will just describe myself. I have light peach skin, and rosy cheeks. My hair is annoyingly thin, but I love the colour; light brown with almost black roots, blonde streaks, and when the light hits it properly, it goes all fox red. My eyes are hazel; one is more green than brown, with the texture of the inside of a mushroom, and the other is more brown than green, with the texture of the outside of a mushroom. I am medium height, and I only weigh 40 kilos.

I love reading (especially Harry Potter), writing, and photography (hopefully someday in the foreseeable future I will have a camera). My favourite colour is blue, and I am in Ravenclaw (you better know what that is). I love kawaii Japanese everything, and Melanie Martinez’s Crybaby album (goals).

Yeah, that’s me.

Thanks for reading this, Hannah.